Despite the Covid-19 emergency, the E4I project continues briskly. We have decided to stay alongside our beneficiaries and, thanks to technology, transform our activities into virtual ones to be able to guarantee support even in this moment of great criticality.

The Business Lab, in collaboration with Singa Italia, will start on 16/03 with the pre-incubation process, which for the next three months will see 29 aspiring entrepreneurs engaged in the construction of their business idea through training sessions, networking and online mentoring.
We are excited about the beginning of this phase which sees a really determined group with a very significant female presence (14 participants out of 29 are women). As Soleterre, we will bring our contribution with a focus on strengthening transversal skills, very important resources to be deployed in times of change and new challenges. We will do this through individual, freely accessible workshops and services of psychological, legal and linguistic mediation support.

Also for already existing entrepreneurs, we are starting with numerous training workshops that can improve companies’ growth strategies. We will start on Wednesday 25/03 with a meeting, obviously virtual, on how to build the perfect online communication for your business. The topics will be: website, social network and newsletter. In addition, two online trainings are always available, regarding how to create a website and how to use of WordPress.

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