On 20th January 2019, at the headquarters of Unioni Artigiani of the Province of Milan (via Doberdò, 16) at 2:30pm, the project Enterprise4Integration will be officially presented to all partners, with the testimony of successful migrant entrepreneurs.

Damiano Rizzi, President of Soleterre, declares: “Enterprise4Integration represents a positive anomaly in our current political and economic scenario. Looking at ISTAT data, 2018 was characterized by a steady decline in trust of both consumers and companies, throughout all sectors of our economy. This trend, which certainly does not encourage the creation of new businesses, seems not to be considered an obstacle by those, like migrants, who are looking for a job as an opportunity for social redemption able to change reality. The statistics are clear: despite the economic scenario and the political climate of “witch hunt”, which is creating great confusion with respect to migration, many migrant citizens have been able to create successful businesses in Milan and Brianza, places where personal and social identity is particularly linked to one’s career. My wish for them all is to have the greatest possible success, both in their personal and professional life.”

To participate send an email to the following address info@program4integration.org.