Within the Enterprise4Intregration project, Soleterre and Unione Artigiani are promoting an informative workshop on VAT registration for migrant citizens interested in starting an entrepreneurial activity or self-employment.

The meeting will focus on the following issues: bureaucratic and administrative procedures to start a new entrepreneurial or self-employment initiative, advantages and disadvantages of the various types of legal status in order to guide the would-be entrepreneur in choosing the most suitable solution to start his/her business, fixed costs for the start-up of the activity and first useful indications for the preparation of one’s own business plan.

The 2-hour workshop will be held on May 28th 2019 at the headquarters of Unioni Artigiani, via Doberdò, 16, Milan.

Download the flyer here.

For registrations, send an e-mail to info@program4integration.org, specifying in the subject “VAT registration“.