The activities

The project offers to all migrant entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs the following services

Orientation and information

Thanks to the partnership with “Unione Artigiani” (Union of Craftsmen) and professionals in the field, the project provides legal and bureaucratic assistance and mediation services for migrant entrepreneurs. We offer orientation and support, free of charge, on:

  • The interpretation of laws related to one’s business;
  • The completion of bureaucratic practices (tax and labor legislation, how to hire staff, etc…);
  • Procedures and requirements needed to start or expand a business;
  • Starting up a new business.

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Training for business development

Thanks to the partnership with Singa Italia, the project provides a network of experts and an established methodology to support entrepreneurs in strengthening their business.

Through workshops and one-to-one meetings, entrepreneurs can:

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities of their business;
  • Identify new potential customers and financial opportunities;
  • Be endorsed and introduced to a network of strategic partners.

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Training and incubation for aspiring entrepreneurs

Do you have a great business idea and wish to start your own business?
The project provides a 3-month training process to develop your skills and entrepreneurial spirit. At the end of the training, the 10 best business ideas will be selected and will have the chance to become part of a 5-month incubation period.

Our team of professionals will support you from the development of the business plan to the implementation of your idea.

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Access to finance

Through a partnership with PerMicro and other entities in the sector, the project offers workshops and training on corporate finance.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will be accompanied to the access of capital through microfinance schemes.

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Mentoring and Networking

Mentoring is essential to share ideas among entrepreneurs, develop soft skills and promote personal growth.

Thanks to the partnership with Fondazione Sodalitas and Singa Italia, migrant entrepreneurs will have the chance to meet Italian entrepreneurs and representatives from the Chambers of Commerce, employment agencies, and so on, encouraging communication and collaboration.

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Reliability, problem solving, creativity, ability to work under pressure are just some of the essential soft skills needed to run a business and to face the multiple challenges of our economy.

Our team provides support by a multi-disciplinary staff to help strengthen those skills and allow entrepreneurs to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

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Services for migrant women entrepreneurs

Carrying out a business can be particularly challenging for women, who often have to find a balance between work, family life and their personal ambitions. Through our network and multi-disciplinary team, we provide support to migrant women who have decided to start a business, offering networking opportunities, helping them develop their soft skills and connecting them with local services that can help reconcile work and family life.

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