Soleterre is a Foundation working towards the acknowledgement and application of the Right to Health in its widest meaning. Besides providing care and medical assistance, it is committed to safeguarding the physical and psychological well-being of all, no matter the age group or nationality.
Soleterre is devoted to preventing, condemning and counteracting all forms of inequality and violence, whatever causes generate them, because we believe that health is social justice.

Soleterre has been working for over 10 years in Milan and the surrounding areas for the socio-economic integration of migrants and their families, through personalized support towards employment carried out by our multi-disciplinary staff.

Thanks to our project Work4Integration, , which was sponsored by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and the Cariplo Foundation between 2015 and 2018, Soleterre helped more than 200 migrants find a career.

Listen to their stories here.

Born as a result of this experience, the Program4Integration adopts its successful methodology on a European scale, extending its services to migrant entrepreneurs in Italy.

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