Work Program for Integration

The beneficiaries of Soleterre’s Work Program4Integration project illustrate the three types of activities they have been involved in:

  • Irina, counselling and psycho-social and legal support for the accompaniment of the migratory project and for the improvement of working conditions;
  • Manuela, vocational training courses, introduction to employment through internships with possible employment opportunities;
  • Ulice, orientation to active job-seeking for migrant citizens through guiding their insertion into a business.

The project ended on 30 June 2016 and has 193 job orientation interviews, as well as legal, psychological and mediation counselling.

Storie Migranti

In “Storie Migranti” Ousmane, Abdullah and Genesis describe their experience in becoming part of the Italian labour market thanks to the Work4Integration project by Soleterre ONLUS.

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