Quarantine time for all people in Italy.

We had to stop some of our upcoming activities, such as the training course for room service attendants.
However, we want to stay close to our foreign beneficiaries, that like Italians and maybe even more, are now experiencing days of social isolation, disorientation and reduction of the prospects of job placement.

For this reason, the project continues to guarantee the following services in ways compatible with the protection of public health:

psychological support, via Skype or Whatsapp 

legal support, by phone or e-mail

• availability of all the project staff to provide assistance, advice and orientation in this time of difficulty and to answer requests for support

tutoring and follow up of our beneficiaries currently employed, to support them as much as possible in maintaining their work

support to our beneficiaries, by periodically sending information materials, free time ideas and tools to continue learning the Italian language and improve their CV online

We are also discussing with our partner Randstad Italy, how to reactivate, compatibly with the current restrictions, orientation and skills assessment interviews and active job research courses.

For any clarification or to report needs related to the services listed above, contact us at info@program4integration.org.

Let’s stay home but stay together!