With the Course for Food Service Operators (basic level) starting January 13 2020 and organized at the Fleming Training Center, Soleterre collaboration with the Municipality of Milan is consolidated.

The 125-hour course, organized as part of the Work4Integration Europe project and aimed at integrating migrants into the labor market, aims to provide participants with the basic techniques for preparing first and second courses, side dishes, desserts and bakery products. The course will also address topics such as: communication between kitchen and dining room, how to use kitchen work tools and compliance with safety and hygiene standards.
At the same time, attention will also be paid to soft skills and issues concerning immigration laws and contracts.

As is in all the courses organized by Soleterre, the skills acquired will be the result of a laboratory practice: most of the course hours will take place in the kitchen.

At the end of the course the beneficiaries will have the possibility of job placement or internship.

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To register, please send an e-mail with the CV to info@program4integration.org with the subject “Catering operator”.