What does art therapy have to do with vocational courses? Let’s find it out!

With the course for mechanical maintenance workers, which has just begun, and the course for workers for the cosmetic industry, which is about to start, our students have also begun supplementary art therapy activities (fine art and theater of the oppressed).

But what does art therapy have to do with vocational courses?
Migrants face a long and complex journey, punctuated by traumatic situations of various kinds. Art comes to the rescue to elaborate these complex experiences. The artistic instrument is by its very nature non-verbal and allows one to express oneself and communicate beyond the language; it improves emotional awareness; it reinforces identity and self-esteem; it improves logical and abstract thinking, planning and problem solving skills; if experienced in a group it supports collaboration and conflict management and improves tolerance to frustration.

The artistic paths thus structured will support, we believe, our beneficiaries not only in everyday life but also in the difficult process of job integration.