The Work4Integration – Europe project aims to increase the inclusion of migrants in the workplace and improve their working conditions.
By proposing new strategies for job searching, the project intends to offer migrants the right opportunities to build their autonomy and protect them from black labour market and exploitation.

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Finding the right career path can be extremely difficult, especially for immigrants. Poor knowledge of the local language, lack of recognition of foreign qualifications and socio-cultural differences are often difficult obstacles to overcome. The project provides services to facilitate integration in the workplace such as multi-disciplinary support and information, internships and workshops and assistance for new businesses.The project’s team ensures personalized support during the whole process of training and work integration.

The project will involve three EU countries, Italy, Belgium and Sweden, offering different services.

In collaboration with Punto.Sud Foundation, a TCN’s employment action model will be developed at European level through the exchange of good practices.

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