The activities

Counselling and direct matching

The project promotes a highly interactive job orientation phase with a strong focus on the pitfalls and obstacles migrants might face on the national labour market, as well as their qualities and talents. Moreover, the project ensures individual job orientation: a coach helps candidates to fit his/her self-analysis and the labour market analysis into a reachable and realistic job. Together they will elaborate an action plan related to how to get that job. Finally, the project promotes a speed meeting between employers and the group of job seekers.

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Integrated support

RiseSmart Employability offers an integrated approach with strong focus on linguistic and cultural support to migrants, to ease their integration into the labour market. The language support and cultural mediation can be continued on the work place.

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Free services for companies

Risesmart Belgium (a Randstad Group company) organizes two events in the scope of talent management and two workshops called ‘recruiting with an open mind’. The workshop will be facilitated prior to the “speedmeet-event”. It can be seen as a warming up tool for employers to introduce a more widely selection procedure. Thus creating more opportunities for the migrants as a candidate.

Risesmart Belgium will explain her working method with the non-European jobseekers to the participating companies and employers. Besides that, they will also explain how they support both the jobseeker and the company when a candidate starts working, with a strong focus on “what’s in it for me”.

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